Follow these rules when eating food for health & longevity

Written by Dr Harold Gunatillake –health writer

Hot food joints are always crowded, and it is disheartening to see parents taking their kids for an evening out, away from home cooked food. Even birthday parties are held at these food outlets for kids for convenience and low expenses.

When you visit Colombo, driving along Rajagiriya main road, you’ll come across on the left-hand-side a giant hot food outlet: you’ll be surprised to see the crowds of young people patronizing this joint even closer to midnight. This area of the city is full of hot food street restaurant feeding the locals with unhealthy food. The Diabetic clinic is also in the vicinity.

The main components in these food outlets are foods cooked with bad fats. These foods are bad for your heart. They are full of saturated and trans-fats in foods like burgers, French fries, deep fried chicken, among others. Then there the pastries, pies pizzas, and others baked treats with processed wheat flour with added sugar and salt.

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