“ALBERT EINSTEIN, NO LESS” ! – By Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

Link to the original story: Albert Einstein in Colombo and Negombo: October 1922 and January 1923 – By Kirthi Tennakone

Just taking my chance to “introduce” the great man who was Albert Einstein, no less! , through two other great men,  Professor Kirthi Tennakone, a gentleman I have not been privileged to meet, & James Alagaratnam, formerly an ex-Peterite, presently, an honoured O.B.U. member of our Alma-Mater in the little town of Bambalapitita, who now  resides in Canada. I have not only been privileged to talk with James, I now consider him a friend who will soon be also a “member” of eLanka which now proudly boasts over ten thousand regular members, who receive a regular “personal” newsletter weekly & the list is growing steadily. .
eLanka has thus far, been a website especially for “Lankan/Aussies” but is now steadily becoming a “household word” amoung Lankan Patriots around the World, so “welcome and aaubowan” I say to James.

     The story about the “other Professor” has been beautifully written by Kirthi Tennakone & kindly  forwarded to me by James Alagaratnam for inclusion on eLanka. We, i.e. James & myself are not sure if & when this very interesting story was published, but feel that it would make anyone that “missed it” very happy to be able to peruse it once more.

     We, Sri Lankans have been very fortunate, & indeed blessed to have many World-famous “Figures” living in that tiny little garden of Eden at some time or the other. People such as James, in Canada, Victor Melder in Melbourne, Jude (Goonewardane) in London & lucky old me, will do our best to bring the readers of eLanka stories such as the one on “ALBERT EINSTEN” No less!

By Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

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