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I really don’t know who he is, where the interview was done, when it was done, who organized it, or who the interviewer was. However, he reminds me of so many Lankan/Aussies who are around at the moment.

All I know for a fact is, that this guy is a very funny chap.

He has come in for a serious “talk” about the Anglo-Indian

culture, how they dress, what they eat, how they “play”, to whom they pray, etc., etc., The “Interviewer” was a young, presumably, Indian lass, who probably did some fine interviews until this guy suddenly appeared.

Then, the bloody interview began. The reason why I think he ended up in Australia is because of the famous Aussie “epithet”, the word that usually “turns-up” in the bloody middle of a sentence, in the case of this “A.I.”, somewhere IN every sentence, he brought it into the conversation as though it was to be completely “out of style” by next week.

Wasn’t long before the young Interviewer couldn’t interview him anymore. She was laughing so much, at one juncture, she almost fell out of her chair convulsing with uncontrollable mirth. He was a very good actor, too. He could not understand why she was bloody laughing so much. Personally, I enjoyed his “act”. It also brought back some golden memories to me, of a good pal of mine, back in Ceylon, a ‘Signalman” in the Royal Ceylon Navy. His name was Denis Roberts. Seems like a long while ago, but I well remember that I lost count of the number of times both Den.& myself were “punished” via the many “defaulters’ Parades” we attended for simply laughing at our Sinhala Navy guys trying to bark out commands on the parade grounds, in English. For “HALT” Cook-Steward Haramanis yelled out ” Ah, Ah, isstop”. Denis & I started laughing, which would have gone unnoticed by Chief Petty Officer Robertson, our drill instructor, if Denis Roberts did not collapse right down to the stone floor of the parade ground, laughing his head off. I was not so bad, simply laughing, but then I looked at Denis, rolling on the floor, couldn’t help it, & joined him, and C.P.O.Robertson saw us & told us “well you think Haramanis was funny do you ?, get UP!!, grab your rifle, hold it over your friggin heads and run around the parade ground until you DROP!, then we’ll see what’s funny “

This certainly stopped us both laughing.

Back to our Anglo-Indian friend. Hopefully, you good folk will see the video and if you cannot get a good laugh out of this one, there’s certainly something bloody wrong with you.

“Smile, & the World smiles with you, cry, & you cry alone”.







Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka



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Everywhere one looks, thru the “Periscope of life”, trouble abounds. Humans are now contemplating reaching out thru “the black-hole” to find another Planet, on which to start new waves of trouble. Earth is steadily becoming too small, and, too weak to stop all the hazards that confront us daily.

In Australia, however, nothing seems to concern the folk who follow eLanka with grim determination. It was only the plastic-condom that has prevented our dear Lankan/Aussies from manufacturing MORE Aussies, thereby increasing the “sales” of much more plastic furniture for indoor, but mainly outdoor use.

These simple bits of furniture have caused lots of problems, especially for the male gender. I am not going to “spoil it” for you, still I love Aussie humour, the subtle type, where one has to think deeply about what it’s all about.

So, here goes my preference of the “Perils of Plastic”, including “Perfect Poetry” by a Pathetic-Poet, of Perth, I think. Please watch it and laugh, the perils and pathos may mean that you might need a Paramedic to help you stop.

Here we go.     “THE PERILS OF PLASTIC”, Especially for :-

Lankan/Aussies, everywhere.






Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka




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