Shen Yun – Sydney Lyric Theatre – (7-11 February 2018)

A Gift from Heaven

IN ANCIENT TIMES, China was known as the Land of the Divine. Everyone, from emperors to the common people, believed that their culture was a gift from heaven. They lived in harmony with the universe and saw a connection among all things. Traditional Chinese culture carried these principles for thousands of years—until this world was lost.

We now invite you to visit this lost civilization. To make this journey possible, we have pushed the boundaries of performing arts. We combine ancient legends with technological innovations, and historically authentic costumes with breathtaking animated backdrops. We let classical Chinese dance do the storytelling, and share with you beautifully diverse ethnic and folk traditions. Filled with an enchanting orchestral sound, this is a mesmerizing experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Tickets: Sydney Lyric Theatre: Feb 7–11, 2018

Contact: Alice Wong for further details or visit website

0404 756222




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Quantum Fitness – Introducing the “Power Plate”


How I managed to get my 87 year old mum back on her feet and confident…

I’m at an age where many of my relatives are quite elderly and finding it difficult to move around. I hear stories – reluctantly told – of them being “trapped” in their home; of not being able to do the things we take for granted. Of feeling alone. And somewhat helpless.

We can go to for a walk or a swim to ease our joints. They can’t.

But what if we could take the equivalent of the gym to them?

The reason I raise this is I received an email from an old friend of mine in Colombo. He’d recently returned after spending many, many years in NZ and his elderly parents were not having such a good time.

Here’s what he wrote.

              “My elderly mother was diagnosed with osteoarthritis for several years. In 2016, she had several falls and sustained fractures.

My mother was a very active person and to see her walking painfully slow, hunched, and with a walker, was truly shocking to almost everyone that knew her. So, in January 2017, after 42 years of their life in New Zealand, I brought them back to Sri Lanka. My mother travelled in a wheelchair, with great difficulty.

I’ve been closely involved in helping people stay fit and healthy most of my working life and I had been reading about ‘Whole Body Vibration’ and about Power Plate® in particular.  Power Plate® stimulates the body’s’ natural reflexes, facilitating a rapid reflexive muscle response through the sensory receptors of the muscles. It is the only machine in the industry that meets the standards needed to be certified as a class IIa medical device by the EU’s regulatory body.

I also discovered that, in research studies, Power Plate® can be a helpful parallel therapy to reverse bone loss and osteoporosis, increasing leg strength by as much as 16%, and bone density in the hip by 1.5%.

 This is what I wanted for Mum.

 I was intrigued by its benefits and got my mother a Power Plate® machine to see how it would help her in her recovery. Initially, she used it by standing on it for about 2 minutes a day and steadily progressing towards 10 to 15 minutes over a period of 1 to 2 months.

3 to 4 months later, my mother’s progress was so fabulous that she no longer needed a walker to get about. She is now relatively upright in her posture and has been able manage each day with no recurrence of the severe pain she used to have. She does use a walking stick, for confidence, when she goes out-doors.

I attribute these amazing changes to Power Plate®. With a combination of a superb doctor (who was able to reduce her pain medication, thus making her less-reliant on pharmacological agents) and a very talented physiotherapist who totally understood what my mother needed, I can see what significant synergies Power Plate® has played in getting her to a state of independent living where she can move around freely.

And what that has meant to me is that I have been able to lead a normal work life.”

Armed with this info, I made some enquiries back in Lanka as I thought this Power Plate would suit my 2 Aunts who live together in Borella. I tracked down the stockists to Quantum Fitness and arranged for a demo at their home.

I had to rely on my Sis who was there and she sounded very, very pleased the next time we spoke. In fact, she told me to get one as she hadn’t seen her Auntie’s as happy in a long time.

The upshot is that I did buy a PowerPlate and had it delivered.  It took about 3 months for it to have a big effect on both their mobility and arthritis pain.

Now, like my mates Mum, they’re not exactly running around, BUT they are out of the house again, doing some gardening and visiting friends.

Are they happy? Oh, yes.

Am I happy? I couldn’t be happier.

If you want to have a demo for any of your relatives back in Sri Lanka. Here’s the telephone number. +94 11 x xxx xxxx. The website address is

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Willows Real Estate Bella Vista

Visit Willow Real Estate Website
   ROUSE HILL – 9 Terry Road EVERGRAND – Grand Living In The Heart Of The Hills
$499,000 – $531,000
Evergrand is made up of opulently designed buildings centered around an oasis of palm trees and a gorgeous swimming pool. The apartments are bathed in natural light, allowing for alfresco entertainment on spacious balconies throughout the year.
PENRITH – 25-31 Hope Street
A Prosperous New Life Starts Here- THE NEPEAN in Penrith $428,000 – $675,000
Penrith is the major future growth area of Sydney, an expanding metropolis with thousands of new residents in a region attracting thousands of new business and employment opportunities.
BOX HILL – Lot1/70 Terry Road
New House and Land Packages in THE HILLS Area
$855,000 – $911,000
The new House and Land Packages features:

– 4 Bedrooms
– 2 Bathrooms
– A Double Garage
– Land size from 411.5 – 417.6 Sqm
 Visit Willow Real Estate Website
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Especially for you – Volumes 1 & 2 and ‘a Tribute to the Country Artistes’– CDs out now!

BUY ALL THREE CDS for a Special Price of $35 ($10 each +$5 for postage) – Click here to Buy 


BUY ALL THREE CDS for a Special Price of $35 ($10 each +$5 for postage) – Click here to Buy 

Listen to a few songs from The Album “Especially for you – Volume 1” below:

BUY ALL THREE CDS for a Special Price of $35 ($10 each +$5 for postage) – Click here to Buy 

BUY ALL THREE CDS for a Special Price of $35 ($10 each +$5 for postage) – Click here to Buy 

“Especially for you” my friends & fans everywhere, proudly presented by eLanka & “your’s truly”, a series of CDs featuring songs I have hand-picked from the hundreds I have sung, composed & recorded over all these years. Each “single” CD contains at least 20 songs. Additional ones are just a bonus.
The songs, with the exception of my own original compositions, have been chosen by me to pay tribute to the various “greats” who have prerecorded them, & will be considered to be “covers”.
There will be a “first come, first served”basis on this particular “series”as each one will be a strictly-limited edition, especially for those who wish to have this special CD in their collection. Again, through the kind auspices of eLanka, the “original” website for all Lankans & Lankan-Aussies, these CDs  will be featured on a special “eLanka You-Tube” channel.
My original compositions will also be featured as “itunes” for those who wish to purchase just the one “tune” that they prefer.

All of the good people who read eLanka should know that I am a Roman Catholic. In name only,  unfortunately, but my taste in music is also Catholic.
Again, being a perfectionist of sorts, I have always done my very best to “entertain”  my audiences whenever & wherever. That was EVERYTHING to me.
Now, this is all I can do and my music is mainly to bring back “memories” for everyone who takes the time to relax, sit back & “think-back” because every living soul does have memories that are precious to them & GOOD MUSIC is the best way of achieving this.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone connected with this particular “series” of my work. I am proud indeed, to be a Lankan-Aussie, proud & humbled at the same time, to be the “Star of eLanka” & the Editor of Lanka Times & proud to be referred to as “Mr.Music”
None of the “titles” were self-awarded. NONE of us can do what we do without God’s help. Without GOD, we are nothing. If you want a copy of any of these CDs folks, please call me on 03-8-759-1932 (or email me ) & let’s take it from there. All these songs are ESPECIALLY FOR YOU.

Desmond Kelly.
                                                               “Star of eLanka”

“Mr.Music” – Desmond Kelly’s latest musical endeavour is now available, especially for lovers of good “Country Music” that will bring back “memories that matter”, including original compositions, some of which will be heard & enjoyed for the first time.

The CDs, proudly presented by e’Lanka, Australia’s Premier Website for Lankan/Aussies everywhere will all be produced under the apt “title” Especially for You, starting with Volumes 1 & 2, each containing at least 20 great songs, vocal & instrumental,

from a huge repertoire, sung & played by Des., everywhere. With the exception of the Original Compositions, the “rest” are simply “Covers” and or “tributes” to various entertainers.

For more information on the above, which will also be featured on a special “e’Lanka You-Tube Channel”, comprising only “Des Kelly’s e’Lanka Recordings”, please contact Neil Jayasekera ( 0402 905275 ) or Desmond Kelly  :- E’mail : (or Tel.03-8-759-1932.

Copies of these CDs will be strictly restricted, so please be early. “First come, first served”.

Victor Melder

BUY ALL THREE CDS for a Special Price of $35 ($10 each +$5 for postage) – Click here to Buy 

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Book 1 featured over a hundred personalities who have, more or less made a name for themselves in what must surely be one of the most difficult “games”
in the World. Most of us, in Ceylon (at the time), only treated “Showbiz” as a part-time occupation. I remember it well. Even some of the “big-bands” & top-musicians used to “hit the stage” on a part-time basis.
Everyone had to have a full-time job, showbiz being the “cream on the cake, if you like.

     Ishan Bahar, the compiler of “AHOS” (1) was an extremely talented & well-known showbiz personality who decided on the crazy idea of documenting the “stories” of this particular genre of “Western-style” Artistes, which he did, & very well, with the assistance of ” the man with the horn”, Dallas Achilles, Television Personality & “Englebert-style Entertainer” Derrick J,  & , making up the third “D” was ” your’s truly”, Desmond Kelly. We simply “helped” Ishan to accomplish something that was extremely difficult to do, but happily ended up a “roaring success”

     Everyone who was anyone, both in Lanka, Australia, Canada & wherever else our “Patriots” ended up, wanted, & got their copies of this book. Then, what does Ishan do? , “A sucker for punishment” as I’ve already called him (and, for good reason), he decides to compile “AHOS” (2). the stories of over another hundred personalities who have done their Country proud in “Showbiz”. After “launches” in “Lanka” & also “Motor-boats” in “Melbourne”(very recently), “AHOS” (2) has also been “snapped-up” by those who wish to have a very “collectible set” of Lankan Music History adorning their bookshelves at home.

     Our “flyer” in eLanka features the details of “AHOS”(2). Please note, my readers. Only a very LIMITED -supply of this book is now available thru Dallas Achilles (contacts on flyer). Don’t be disappointed. First come, first served.

                                                                Desmond Kelly
                                                                Star of eLanka.



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