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“DREAM-WORLD” (Revisited) By Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

     The song is well-known, as is the “Songwriter”,who got into the habit of writing songs for “special girlfriends”simply because “presents”(decent ones), were too expensive to buy, in Ceylon at the time, and, although it got him into trouble, sometimes, this did not cost him anything at all.

“Dream-World” was written by this songwriter at the birth of the fabulous 1950’s at number 38 Lorensz Road, Bambalapitiya, in Colombo, after this enamoured young man who was 15 at the time, had met this beautiful 14 year old girl who lived at number 10, on the same road.

He had a dream one night, about this same young lass & the rest was easy. It was just after midnight, & while he had never studied the “theory” of music, “tunes” would come into his head, and he would then compose the lyrics to fit the tune. It was very lucky that this songwriter had an exceptional memory. Once he completed the song, lyrics written in pencil in an old school exercise book, (as this was), he never forgot it. Dream-World was written in about 45 minutes, sung to the girl in private when she came to see him via the “rear alley” of their homes, the next day. He told her that he had this “present” for her, and sang it to her, accompanied by his old ukelele. She loved it, even though the song itself was “far advanced” in it’s outlook. 

     Later, Dream-World was “recorded” with this songwriter’s Singing Group called the “Semi-tones”, picked up by one of the biggest International Recording Company’s at the time, called Philips, in Holland, actually presold many thousands of copies (it was a little 45 rpm disc), before even arriving in Ceylon, went straight into the Ceylon Hit Parade on the Commercial Service, reached the “top” of the Parade in record time, keeping Elvis Presley’s “Don’t be cruel” in 2nd place for a few weeks, before then going into the “Binaca Hit Parade” in India & again, heading for the top in record time.

     The songwriter, by this time, had joined the Royal Ceylon Navy, had got married to another very pretty girl, for whom he wrote the song “Cha-cha-baby”which she liked until she was “teased” so much about it, she decided to lay claim to Dream-World, as well. The songwriter only agreed to this because the girl he had written it for, had since gone on to the U.S.A. to be the 2nd runner-up to Miss Universe,1956.

The “Singing Sailor” then decided to send a copy of Dream-World to the President-elect, at the time, thru the American 

Embassy in Colpetty, did get his acknowledgement for it, & was exceptionally proud when told that Dream-World had now become one of the favourite songs of another beautiful Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. 

     There have been many versions of Dream-World recorded. The songwriter however, prefers the “revisited” version. He hopes that all of his readers will like the eLanka version & make some comments about it. 

desmond kelly

Desmond Kelly.

                                                                      Star of eLanka.


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by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

That is how silly the present Media is getting, folks.

The Milk-Shake Duck going viral, and, serve them right, they ARE racist, because they forgot (on purpose)to mention Sri Lanka’s “Aleric”s”, without any doubt, whatsoever, the BEST Milk-Shake-Makers in the World, where, on exceptionally special occasions, this writer would share one, with one of the most beautiful girls of the 50’s era (from Ceylon, of course), after “cutting-College” (St.Peter’s of Bambalapitiya),

making a bee-line for the ” Holy Family Convent”, also in Bambalapitiya, in the early PM, to help her carry her books, walk together on the beach, until we arrived at Kinross Avenue, which led up to the Galle Road, cross over, turn left, and there you are, Aleric’s. Nobody knew HER then, nobody knew ME either, but, had her father caught me there with her

I would quite possibly not be writing this right now. We were both very young, you see, I was fifteen, she was fourteen. 

There will be a much more “detailed” story coming up on eLanka soon. The “title” of the “song-video-clip” for that one will definitely be “Young Love”, but, stick to the bloody story you are writing NOW Des!!, this one is about Milkshake DUCKS, what the?!!. Never mind all the “crap”, that is going on. Our “English” in Australia, our Step-Mother-Land, should be getting better, not worse. 

For a start, “Milkshake Duck” consists of TWO bloody words, unless, like I WAS, the Media is also pretty rotten at arithmetic. EVEN I know that this “new phrase” unless we prefer to use it “Verbally” as  “Milkshake, duck”!, has TWO separate words. Is the World going senile before I do ?.

Please don’t answer that, because I already know what you are going to say. 

Digressing now, as my favourite Author Leon Uris occasionally does, I now come to another favourite “Country Singer” of mine, Tom.T.Hall (the storyteller), as he is known, who sings for all you lucky eLanka viewers, this relevant song, “I love”(little baby ducks). Whether or not, he also loved milkshakes, I haven’t a clue, but here goes, folks,

Chuckle the wrinkles from your face, listen, watch & enjoy.


The Story-teller.

Desmond Kelly.

Star of eLanka

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“COUNTRY COUSINS” EXTRAORDINAIRE by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

 It has certainly been an extraordinary week for me.

To start off, after many a long year, I have been able to contact a long-lost cousin, also living in Melbourne, someone who I remember as an extremely talented pianist,

Audrey will not mind the mention of her name because, even though we have been “out of touch” for so long, it is good that, in the twilight of our lives, we have managed to find each other again.

      If the title of this article is mistaken for the fact that we are the ‘Country Cousins’ are the ones who originally migrated to Australia from Ceylon, a humble apology.

Although I am not certain that Audrey loves “Country Music”

like I do, music, in general, has been part & parcel of our families. Some of us also “sing” a little, although, as a “singer”, my younger brother Ian (who lives in Lanka now), makes a very fine “swimmer”.

      This “story” however, is all about two famous “first cousins”, Jerry Lee Lewis & Mickey Gilley, both, superb at what they do, and “featured for you”. Jerry, of course, needs no introduction at all, being the last of a very few entertainers (unfortunately), to grace this Planet of ours.

Mickey is only slightly less-known, probably because he is a few years younger, but he, too, is a superb entertainer, 

      I have to add that, although J.L.Lewis came to fame with his “whole lotta shakin goin on”, I have always preferred him as a “Country” singer & pianist. Not many of my eLanka readers know this, but Jerry Lee Lewis NEVER ever sings a version of any of his “recordings” the same way, twice. For example, even on stage, if he sang “Crazy”(the song), on Monday, on Tuesday, it HAD to be a completely new arrangement of the same song. This was why he constantly drove his backing musicians “crazy”. His piano-playing was self-taught, but even Audrey & any other “Classical-Pianist” will have to agree that both THESE Cousins  are “Top-Class”

In what they do.  Nuff said. I will now let the you-tube clip I have chosen for all you good people, do the talking.

                                                                       Desmond Kelly –   Star of eLanka.




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“IN SPAIN THEY SAY “SI SI” – By Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

In Spain, they say “si si’, in France they say ‘”vi vi”
Every little Dutch girl says “ya” “ya”
Every little Danish “doll” says “da”
But sweetheart, tell me why?
No matter how I try
Won’t you answer to my plea
Just say it in any language to me
When will you say “si si”.

Spanish is a.beautiful language, isn’t it? , this is why I have decided to “introduce” one of the more “modern” Artistes of the day, to all our “on-line” readers of eLanka. His name is Bryan Adams, popular, extremely well known, even to the older folk such as ” yours truly” another “Icon” to the younger ones, of course.


No, people, Bryan does not sing in Spanish, as a matter of fact, the little “verse” above has absolutely nothing to do with this “story” I write. However, Bryan has written a superb song with a fairly long “title”, asking a rather pointed question,very interesting though. “Have you ever really loved a woman”? Bryan obviously has, because, to write a song like the one I offer our readers, the answer would have to be “Yes”.

Everyone of my readers is fully aware that, as far as music is concerned, my own favourite is “Country”, but again, Bryan’s song is so very “special”, not only are there several versions of it, this amazing song has been chosen as the background music for a film, just as “Lara’s Theme” was the background for Dr.Zivago.

For eLanka readers everywhere, please ENJOY not only the “Spanish” version of the song I have picked for you, BUT ALSO the most beautiful Orchestrated version of “Music” that is unforgettable.



Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka.



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