“OUR COCK-EYED WORLD” by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

A terrible thing to say, I suppose, but it IS a cockeyed (cross-eyed), call it what you “like-eyed” World, we are living in, at the moment. It has GOT to be something in the air. 

Just a short time ago, in this particular season of “Spring”, in Australia, the only ones who had to worry would have been the hay-fever sufferers. Bushels of pollen, floating in the air, would now be preferable to the “bull-dust” flying around, at the moment, in Australia. In Lanka, it would be powdered, dried “Cow-dung”.

A “hole” in the o-zone layer around Earth, has suddenly become a hole blasted into the sun!.How anything got close enough to the sun, to blast a hole in it, is anybody’s guess.

Maybe “Google” did it. They can do anything, I believe.

Besides this, if there IS a big hole in the sun, we would not have to worry about “climate-change”, would we ?. It would immediately become “colder”, the “ice-bergs” would begin to reform, our “Ship-Captains” would have to be extra-vigilant in order to prevent possible collisions & carry MANY MORE Life-boats to save more passengers than did the “Titanic”.

World War 3 is about to commence, next week.! It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas, an old Xmas-type song, & our favourite “Rocket-Men” are getting their crazy

“fireworks” ready to show the World, who’s boss. This “War” has been “in the making” now, for about 3 YEARS !. The mere fact that this 3rd World War may NEVER start is the only good thing about all the rubbish that is now going on.!

If it does, however, please remember, all you thousands of 

eLanka readers, that I, the * of our main Website, have given you prior warning. If you DO hear any “Howling-Siren” sounding off,suddenly, for no friggin reason whatsoever, as far as you are concerned, grab the first “dining-table” CHAIR available, sit on it, leaning as far forward & under it, as humanly possible, and then kiss your arse goodbye. I am truly sorry, but this will be much easier to do if you are a contorsionist, (as the beautiful “plastic-girl” Lily Jenkins,was, or, like me, you have “Ankylosin Spondylitis” which is a slow deterioration of the spinal-cord. Don’t say that I didn’t tell you, because, if this bloody war starts, I will not be able to write you any more warnings & you will not be able to read them, either.! We will all be joining our mates like a certain Aussie Cardinal in Hell, oops, I mean’t Heaven(hopefully),

Another extremely good prospect for Australia, is that, in the near future, NO-ONE will be able to start a Government.

There will be “hung-Parliments” hanging around, all over the place, because nobody will know whether they are “dual” Citizens, or even perhaps, “triple” Citizens, Constitutions will all have to be re-written, laws & “Courtrooms” handed over completely to the convicted criminals in order that they could further criminalize & victimize their own victims of crime.Right now, these poor “Crims” are the “victims, “& deserve much longer “stays” in our 4-star prisons, so that they can be re-habilitated, go out on early parole, simply to re-offend so that they can go back to their “hotel-room”.

“Junior” crime is on the mend. The crims are getting younger each year, leaving home & family so they can do their “own thing”, go out & bash these pesky old-timers & steal their handbags directly from their wheelchairs which are a real menace on our public Streets. The way to go, I say. I would like to write much more, but sarcasm has always been a “weak-point”, as far as I am concerned.

     However, leaving aside the “topics” mentioned so far, the “SQUINT” gets even worse as I go along. Long, long before Einstine or Winestein or whatever his name was, we have to remember the Aussie-Entertainer who had three (3) legs. He wasn’t shy about showing-off all three of them, but here”s the rub.!  When he was “seated”, as he was, quite often, just as a famous “garden-guru” of our “latest” breaking news was, why did certain young ladies choose to sit on the knees of these very bad men ?. Why did sooo many pretty young “wannabe-actresses” go to bed with their “Producers, Directors, & other “Studio big-shots”, practically from the time they started making movies ?. WHY ?, you ask. Well, let me tell you. These poor girls were soo tired, chasing after these horrid men, they just had to get some sleep, thats why

The men joined them & stopped them from getting their ” beauty-sleep & to make up for it, promised them either “leading roles” or “bit-parts” depending on whose “sleep” they had so rudely broken. Movies were made, Parts were played, years went by, no complaints made, decades later, out they come, sexual ‘harrasment’ is in the gun. “We’re now getting older,”these pretty girls say, “so now, let’s harrass THEM & get OUR WAY”!!. Feminism is alive & well.

Back to the “Rocket-men” for the final time, before I go onto the ultimate story in this “cockeyed article”. Just watching the morning news on the A.B.C., (even as I write this), we are told that another rocket has been “fired”by “kaata kiyanda the bung”(translation:- “who to tell, men”?), & the President of the U.S.A., answers with another “grump” that he will take care of it. The cockeyed fact of the matter is that, as long as these missiles “go up” 20.000 kilometres or so, break-up & fall into the sea near Japan, why worry about them ?. For the broken bits that stay up-there, “old Blighty” is in the process of sending “up” another rocket with a “debris-cleaning thing-a-ma-bob to capture & destroy all the space-junk around this cockeyed Planet of ours. We can now “put -on a “serious face” because Britain now rules all our “Space”

   Sorry readers, I am now getting cockeyed trying to remember what my “final-subject” is, oh, yes, it is about the fact that the same-sex marriage legislation is about to be “passed” before Christmas, this year. Now, for the best new cockeyed news for 2018. This young guy, with his pretty young wife & two young children are walking along a busy Street in Melbourne. He wanted to do this around xmas/17, but felt rather odd about it, & he was so right. As he & his family passed the homes in Suburbia, he could “feel” the sniggers & almost hear the whispers of the people. “Look, look”, they said, in unison (I think), “doesn’t that young man look rather queer”. So much for our cockeyed World for the moment. As I say quite often, please excuse any typo–errors. I tend to write most of my stuff during the early hours of the morning, completely off the top of my cockeyed head & “mistakes” are sometimes made, because of it. Also, although my “English” is pretty good, most times, I do make some quier speling misstakes at od times, so if my readers “see something” please make a bloody comment. Do join us on eLanka, doesn’t matter if you’re gay, bi-sexual,  trans-sexual , or, on the other hand, even “queer”,

Join us to learn a bit more about “OUR COCKEYED WORLD”


Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka.

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Why should you eat high fibre foods? –
Written by Dr Harold Gunatillake Health writer

Carbs with the high GI (glycaemic index), when digested in your gut, elevates your blood sugar. We call this, ”spiking blood sugar”. If your pancreas is making enough insulin there is no issue, the blood sugar level will come down to fasting levels within about two hours.
If you do not secrete sufficient insulin, the absorbed sugar will remain in your blood and elevate your blood sugar level. This is exactly what happens in diabetes. Non-diabetics also shows high blood sugar levels after consuming carbs, but within two hours the level comes down to fasting levels.

‘Glucose tolerance test’ done to check for diabetes is based on this rationale Fibre found in high fibre foods is an indigestible form of carbohydrate and it does not get absorbed but passes through the large bowel as bulk in your stools. In short, it does not matter whether they have a high GI, or not. They lower the blood sugar levels when high GI foods are digested, due to slow absorption.
Remember, the meat and fish you eat veggies and fruits have no fibre and is totally digested and absorbed.
Fibre is mostly found in carbs like the veggies and fruits we eat. Again, some have increased levels of fibre and others have low levels.
Do you know that it is the fibre component in plants that gives the strength to stay upright: it forms the skeleton of the plant?
The fibre in the carbs you consume comes in two varieties, both of which are beneficial especially to diabetics and for those who go on diets to reduce weight.

The two varieties of fibre are- soluble fibre and insoluble fibre.

Soluble fibre is found in high levels in oat bran, legumes like lentils, green vegetables, roots nuts and some fruits.
Insoluble fibre is found in high levels in wheat bran, unprocessed foods like wholemeal bread, brown and red rice, vegetables, seeds and skins of some fruits. Those who suffer from regular constipation should eat foods with high levels of insoluble fibre.
One of the best tubers that contain high insoluble fibre is ‘Kohila’ (Lasia spinose) a marshy herb which grows abundantly in Sri Lankan marshlands. The fibre content is so high that people not used to eating this vegetable get colic due to the increased peristalsis movements of the bowels. The Ayurveda physicians prescribe this herb for those suffering from chronic constipation and haemorrhoids.
Another high fibre food available in Sri Lanka is the unripe banana flowers or fruits (Kehel muwa) in a curry form or stripped and fried (mallung). This treat too can give you colic Insoluble fibre in high levels in food may reduce the risk of bowel cancer. According to Colorado State University Extension, insoluble fiber increases the rate at which waste is removed from the body. This, therefore, reduces the exposure of toxic substances that develop as a by-product of digestion.

People with diabetes should consume at least 25 grams of dietary fibre daily.

Some of the high fibre foods you should eat frequently are:
Non-starchy veggies ( Kale, spinach whole-grain bread, whole-grain or bean pasta, oatmeal, mixed with fresh berries, sliced bananas, avocado fruits, Greek yoghurt, Kale, carrots, sweet potatoes, citreous fruits like oranges, mangoes (high fibre variety,”Kohu Amba)
You should aim at consuming 35 grams of fibre for men and 25 grams in your daily food, but most people do not consume more than 10 grams a day. Become a vegetarian, you’ll consume more fibre.

Soluble fibre mixes with water in the bowel form a gel. Insoluble fibre passes through without changes.

What happens to soluble fibre in the gut?

Our gut has trillions of microbiota. For their health one has to eat pre-biotics and probiotics. The best prebiotics is high fibre containing diets. For the beneficial bacteria to survive in our gut we need to consume meals with high dietary fibre, while the harmful bacteria thrive on sugars and alcohols. So you need to consume more fibre-packed foods, such as leafy greens, oatmeal and whole grain.
You need to eat high fibre vegetarian diet to keep the microbiota happy and healthy. Beneficial bacteria produce higher levels of molecules called short-chain fatty acids which are beneficial for our health. These short –chain fatty acids are produced by certain types of gut bacteria when they break down insoluble fibre in your diet. These molecules play a protective role against different diseases.
So there is evidence that if people do not eat too much meat, and they increase the amounts of fruits, vegetables and legumes containing high dietary fibre are likely to have a healthy community of gut bacteria.
Gut bacteria among meat eaters who consume very little high fibre produce a chemical called Trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) due to the breakdown of animal protein and fat in your meat, eggs and dairy, among others. This compound is found in the urine of meat eaters and not those who eat a high fibre vegetable diet. TMAO seems to cause inflammation of blood vessels, blood clots, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome and heart disease.

So the importance of eating high dietary plant foods are stressed and benefits reciprocating from our gut microbes are so beneficial, compared to those people who consume a lot of meat.

Further, consuming high fibre diets slows the absorption of sugar from the digested carbs in your gut, and there are less likely chances of causing glucose spikes in your blood.

If you suffer from chronic constipation you need to consume high fibre foods. The dietary fibres relieve and prevent constipation. Eat plenty of wheat bran, legumes and seeds daily as mentioned earlier.

If you suffer from a diverticular disease of the large bowel from infections and inflammation of the finger-like pouches, you need to eat high fibre dietary foods. Also, such foods reduce the risk of diverticular disease.

Conclusions: The importance and beneficial effects of eating high fibre dietary foods are discussed

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                                 ACQUISITIONS   FOR  THE  MONTH  OF  NOVEMBER  2017


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  1. 45rpm, “Ceylon Calling”, Part 1 & Part 2, Tamil and Sinhala Christian Devotional Hymns from Ceylon.

      (Donated by Cuthbert Lethbridge, Noble Park) 

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Compiled by Victor Melder

Victor MeldorSri Lanka arrive in India next month for a cramped tour that will have them playing three Tests, three ODIs and three T20Is in 37 days, with the first Test likely to begin in Kolkata on November 16, and final match to be played on December 24.

1st Test: November 16-20, Kolkata

2nd Test: November 24-28, Nagpur

3rd Test: December 2-6, Delhi

1st ODI: December 10, Dharamsala

2nd ODI: December 13, Mohali

3rd ODI December 17, Visakhapatnam

1st T20I: December 20, Cuttack

2nd T20I: December 22, Indore

3rd T20I: December 24, Mumbai

Nagpur and Delhi will host the second and third Tests, before the limited-overs leg kicks off with the first ODI in Dharamsala on December 10. Mohali and Visakhapatnam complete the ODI fixtures, after which the T20Is will be held in Cuttack, Indore and Mumbai. While the BCCI hasn’t made an official announcement yet, ESPNcricinfo verified the schedule with most of the hosting centres. The second Test will be Nagpur’s first Test since the ICC gave the Jamtha surface a ‘poor’ rating during the series against South Africa in 2015. The pitch in Nagpur has since been relaid, and it hosted the fifth ODI between India and Australia on October 1. Indore and Mumbai will be staging their second international games in the space of a few months, both hosting T20Is against Sri Lanka. Indore hosted an ODI against Australia, and Mumbai will host a New Zealand ODI. Thiruvananthapuram, which had been initially allotted a T20I against Sri Lanka, will now host a T20I against New Zealand on November 7 after swapping fixtures with Cuttack. (EspnCricinfo)

Angelo Mathews will be fit for Sri Lanka’s tour of India in November, while Kusal Perera and Asela Gunaratne are also expected to return to the national set-up. Sri Lanka Cricket expects to announce a new head coach by the end of the year, though it is unlikely to happen prior to Sri Lanka’s upcoming tour of India in November. SLC confirmed that they were in conversations with a couple of coaches about the vacant position. Interim coach Nic Pothas, who has been in charge since the abrupt departure of Graham Ford in June, is also in the running. “We are discussing with about three or four coaches, including Nic Pothas. We hope to finalise the decision by the end of the year,” SLC CEO Ashley De Silva said. “When it comes to recruiting a new coach, we have to be sure to select the right one, therefore it takes some time. As for the names, some of them are still working in other places so if it gets leaked they won’t be happy. We’ll reveal it when the time is right.” It means that Sri Lanka will head into arguably their toughest tour this year without a permanent head coach. De Silva refused to confirm if Pothas would retain his role as interim coach for the tour of India. All three were unavailable for the recently concluded Pakistan tour, but will be welcomed back warmly following Sri Lanka’s recent struggles in limited-overs contests. Sri Lanka have lost their last 16 white-ball matches, including both ODI and T20I series whitewashes against Pakistan and India. Their next assignment is a full tour of India starting with the first of the three Tests on November 16 in Kolkata, followed by three ODIs and as many T20Is. “Angelo and Kusal Janith [Perera] have both recovered and they will be considered for selection for the Indian series. Asela Gunaratne is fit as well,” SLC CEO Ashley De Silva said. (EspnCricinfo)

The 2-day warm-up match between the touring Sri Lankans and the Indian Board President’s XII, played at Jadavpur University Campus 2nd Ground, Kolkata, ended in a draw. Scores:

Sri Lanka, 1st Innings – 411/9 dec (Samarawickrama 105, Dickwella 73no, Mathews 50 ret, Karunaratne 50 ret, Warrier 2/60, Bhandari 2/111)

Indian Board XII, 1st Innings – 287/5 (Samson 128, Prem 39, J. Singh 35, Sandeep 33no, Gamage 2/41, Perera 1/22, de Silva 1/35, Fernando 1/51) 


The first Test between the touring Sri Lankans and India, played at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, ended in a draw. Scores:

India – 1st Innings – 172 (Pujara 52, Saha 29, Shami 24,  Lakmal 4/26, Perera 2/19, Shanaka 2/59, Gamage 2/59)

Sri Lanka – 1st Innings – 294 (Herath 67, Mathews 52,  Thirimanne 51, Dickwella 35,  Kumar 4/88, Shami 4/100, Yadav 2/79)

India – 2nd Innings – 352/8 dec (Kohli 104no, Dhawan 94, Rahul 79,  Shanaka 3/6, Lakmal 3/93, Perera 1/49, Gamage 1/97)

Sri Lanka – 2nd Innings – 75/7 (Dickwella 27, Chandimal 20,  Kumar 4/8, Shami 2/34, Yadav 1/25)

Player of the match: Bhuvneshwar Kumar (India)

India beat the touring Sri Lankans by an innings and 239 runs with more than a day to spare, in the second Test played at Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Jamtha, Nagpur. Scores:

Sri Lanka – 1st Innings – 205 (Chandimal 57, Karunaratne 51, Dickwella 24, Ashwin 4/67, Sharma 3/37, Jadeja 3/56)

India – 1st Innings – 610/6 dec (Kohli 213, Pujara 143, Vijay 128, Sharma 102no, Perera 3/202, Herath 1/81, Gamage 1/97, Shanaka 1/103)

Sri Lanka – 2n d Innings – 166 (Chandmal 61, Lakmal 31no, Thirimanne 23, Ashwin 4/63, Jadeja 2/28, Yadav 2/30, Sharma 2/43)

Player of the match: Virat Kohli (India)  

After all the good work in UAE, Sri Lankan cricket is back to square one as the national cricket team suffered their heaviest defeat in the history in Nagpur yesterday. The innings and 239 run loss at the hands of India with more than a day to spare is their heaviest in 35 years since being granted Test status. Sri Lanka’s previous worst defeat was their innings and 229 loss at the hands of Shaun Pollock and company on a green top where South Africa played four quicks. Sri Lanka had no business suffering such a massive defeat yesterday on wicket where three Indian batsmen had produced hundreds and their captain a double hundred. All what Sri Lankans could muster were three half-centuries – both innings put together. (Daily Mirror 28.11.2017)

Sri Lanka all-rounder Dasun Shanaka has been fined 75 per cent of his match fee after he admitted to ball tampering on day two of the Nagpur Test against India. Shanaka was charged by the umpires following the second day’s play, after television cameras showed him picking up an area on the ball next to the seam on several occasions. He duly admitted to “changing the condition of the ball” and accepted the proposed sanction handed down by match referee David Boon, meaning there was no need for a formal hearing. In addition to his fine, Shanaka has picked up three demerit points. Any player reaching four or more within a 24-month period faces a suspension. Boon said: “These are early days in Dasun’s career and I am sure this sanction will ensure he is more careful when maintaining the condition of the ball in the future.” (Daily Mirror 26.11.2017)

Ending weeks of speculation about the future of Upul Tharanga as captain, Sri Lanka Cricket yesterday confirmed Thisara Perera as the new captain of the ODI and T-20 sides. Tharanga’s future as captain of the ODI and T-20 sides came under a cloud after Sri Lanka suffered a third successive 5-0 whitewash under his charge this year. Never a natural leader, there were few eyebrows raised when Sanath Jayasuriya announced his former opening partner as Sri Lanka’s limited overs captain when Angelo Mathews stepped down in July. Less than five months later, he has been axed after Sri Lanka lost 12 ODIs in a row. Among full time Sri Lankan captains, his tenure was the shortest. Tharanga was made the stand in captain when Mathews was injured in January and suffered a 5-0 whitewash against South Africa. He was the stand-in captain in Sri Lanka’s maiden fixture of the Champions Trophy and was suspended for two games for slow over rate. (Daily Island 30.11.2017)

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Compiled by Victor Melder

Panic stricken motorists joined long queues outside filling stations in the country following fears of a shortage of fuel after a parcel of 30,000 metric tonnes of petrol imported by the Indian Oil Company (IOC) was rejected as the shipment failed to meet quality specifications. This development has led to a virtual ‘run’ on stocks maintained by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC), officials said. With motorists desperate to tank up before CPC stocks also dried up, the demand has zoomed to a level that supplies cannot match, they noted. As a result not only IOC filling stations remained temporarily shut, but many CPC sheds were also hit and remained out of stocks due to the unprecedented clamor for fuel. CPC trade unionists were quoted as saying that some filling stations had not received fresh supplies of petrol since last Thursday and the overall picture appears grim as the next shipment was due on November 8, that’s in three days time. “All indications are that the dearth of fuel is bound to continue, with the situation worsening as existing stocks dwindle faster than anticipated due to the surge in demand”, they predicted. By October 31, the Kolonnawa refinery had in stock 7,000 metric tonnes of petrol and Muthurajawela 4,000 metric tonnes. The average consumption of petrol per day is around 3,000 metric tonnes. With motorists eager to tank up, the question is for how long existing supplies will last, they said. Meanwhile, the Office of Petroleum Resources Minister, Arjuna Ranatunga, in a special statement, urged motorists to economize on the use of petrol. “The CPC has maintained sufficient stocks of petrol to meet the requirements of motorists. However, a consignment of petrol imported by IOC failed to meet quality standards. As a result of halting the unloading of this stock of fuel, a shortfall in supplies has arisen”, the statement noted. It added: “The shortage has caused panic amongst motorists. However, we have been able to supply 80% of the requirements of petrol to the market. There is no disruption in the supply of diesel and kerosene. As this is a temporary development, motorists are advised to use petrol sparingly”. (Daily Island 5.11.2017)

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Doctor my Legs are swollen? –
Written by Dr Harold Gunatillake-Health writer

Courtesy: WebMD

Swelling of legs and feet are quite visible among women who wear sandals, especially among the seniors. It is not visible to men as they wear longs and shoes.

Most women are not aware of this swelling, as it is a slow process of collection of fluid in most situations, and do not bother until finding difficult to walk due to the heaviness. In certain situations, especially travelling, seated for long hours as in a flight you might get sudden swelling of feet and a concern to consult a doctor soon. This sort of swelling lasts for a few days, even at ground level, and should resolve within a few days. To prevent such quick swelling- start moving your feet around your ankles and walk down the aisle, a few times.

Swelling on the upper aspect (dorsum) of the feet and around ankles is due to too much fluid in the extracellular spaces. In most situations, there is too much of extra-cellular fluid in the whole body but is only visible in most dependent areas –below the knee extending to the feet. If neglected you may feel breathless on walking due to fluid collection in the lungs- we call, “pulmonary oedema”

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