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A safe room is launched in Castle Towers for victims of domestic abuse to seek help – By Sharmila Jayasinghe Niriella

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 A safe room is launched in Castle Towers for victims of domestic abuse to seek help – By  Sharmila Jayasinghe Niriella 

Lisa Harnum Foundation officially launched  “Safe Room” a facility to provide a discreet, safe service for victims of domestic abuse. The launch ceremony held at the Castle Hill RSL was well attended by distinguished guests and well-wishers. The safe room hidden in Castle Tower shopping centre is the first of its kind to be established in Australia. Speaking at the event, Aileen Mountifield, Founder and CEO of the Lisa Harnum Foundation said “The safe room is just that, a place where women can visit without anyone knowing. It’s a safe and discreet service for women in abusive situations seeking help. Visiting a shopping center is a normal activity that would not raise suspicion even if one is being tracked on a mobile phone” Kay Schubach and Azita Abdollahian , well-known campaigners against domestic violence and ambassadors of the foundation, shared their personal journey as domestic abuse survivors and stressed on the importance of a facility like the Safe Room to encourage women to seek support . All calls directed to the Safe Room are answered by Lisa Harnum Foundation case workers and strict confidentiality and anonymity is assured. By calling 1300 732 848 one can arrange an appointment. As their next event to create awareness to the pressing issue of domestic violence, the Lisa Harnum Foundation together with Safe Heart Foundation will be hosting a walk to remember women who have lost their lives to domestic violence in 2017. The walk will be held on the 2nd of December at 2pm starting at the Rouse Hill Town Centre.

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Cooking, what is it? By Dr Hector Perera – London

The proposal I find most congenial both as a cook and as a chemistry teacher is this.  Cooking is the whole series of operations used by humans to turn raw materials, mainly animal carcasses and harvested plants, into food, that is, into something edible, digestible and nutritious. Those operations which I’ll talk about is energy wasted in cooking.

What is cooking?

Cooking is one of those everyday words that everyone knows. But what does it really mean? Is reheating leftovers cooking? How about making an emulsified salad dressing? Scrambling eggs? Baking cookies? Back home in Sri Lanka majority of people didn’t have the present day modern facilities such as gas and electric cookers, microwaves and ovens. They mainly depended on firewood for cooking. Even at our home including our mum used firewood for cooking. Most of the times a kitchen servant helped cooking and we call her “Kussi amma”. Majority of the present day people in Sri Lanka have these facilities just like in Western countries but they waste plenty of energy that is gas and electric during the process of cooking. Most British TV chefs hardly care about energy wastage in cooking. To believe me one should watch these British TV cooking programmes.

At its most basic, cooking means applying heat to food. But cooking is as much about the ways heat changes the food as it is about the heat itself. That’s because heating food does more than just make it hotter. It changes the food in other ways, too.

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“PRIME” MINISTER.. By Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

Something a little bit different, especially for those Lankan/Aussies & ex-Patriots around the World, who are still “Internetless” for any reason whatsoever, I take my chance to pay a “sincere tribute” to the Man who, I believe, was the “Prime” Minister of Ceylon, Mr.D.S. (Don Stephen) Senanayake, the very first, & to my knowledge, the very best “Father of Ceylon”, as he was known.

     Personally, I do not “think, too much” about Politicians., in total, nowadays. I do not think about “POLITICS” at all, if I can help it, either in Sri Lanka OR Australia, but, unfortunately, everything stems from the “Political Situation” in one’s Country of residence.

     Strangely, however, the first two individual Prime Ministers I remember who were undoubtedly the very best in the two Countries I have been involved with, Ceylon & Australia. In Ceylon, the best was D.S.SENANAYAKE & , in Australia, R.G.MENZIES. Their “Parties” do not matter in the slightest, their “Personalities”, mattering the most. This “story” features the “Father of Ceylon” the Right Honourable Don Stephen Senanayake.

     Firstly, the word “caste” is thoroughly distasteful to me, but this “term” was very important to most Sri Lankans. Just the one example, people of “high-caste”
were not supposed to marry people of “low-caste”.
Also, “Surnames” in S.L. seems to indicate “caste” and the name “Senanayake” was right up there in the top echelons, so to speak. Especially amoungst the Sinhalese, there were many “high-caste” Names. To be honest, I really don’t know any “low-caste” ones.

Anyway, Don Stephen was born in Ceylon on the 20th of October 1883, in the little town of Mirigama, which, in turn, boasted a littler Village with the strange name of “Botale”(English translation :- “Miri-Town of the bottle”). His father was Mudaliyar Don Spater Senanayake & his mother was Dona Catherina Elizabeth Perera Gunasekera Senanaayake, simply called Dona. His siblings were two brothers, Fredrick Richard & Don Charles & one sister, Maria Frances.
He completed his education at the renowned, private Anglican-boys’ school, St.Thomas’ College, Mutwal, moving to St.Thomas’ Mount Lavinia (in other words, he was always a proud “Thomian” right from the start..

Later, he joined the Surveyor General’s Department as a clerk, after which he joined his father’s rubber plantation, where he worked as a partner with his dad.

     I am not certain if it was an “arranged” marriage, but his partner in life was formerly Miss Molly Dunuwila.
They had one son, Dudley Senanayake. Because there isn’t too much that I can write about Dudley’s mum, all I can say is that very much later, there was a song written for her called ” Good golly, Miss Molly” and, about Dudley, all I know is that,  like his father, he was a kind, honourable guy who followed in his dad’s footsteps to become the next P.M., but, unlike his father, he wasn’t a strong leader & was “replaced” very quickly, but did stage a “come-back” to the job, a few years after..

     In December, 1947, Britain decided to give Ceylon it’s independence & after being instrumental in achieving this independence without any political mayhem at all,  D.S.Senanayake became the very first Prime Minister of the Country after the 4th of February 1948. He “served” the Island,  becoming famous around the World, as “The Father Of Ceylon”, in my opinion, he not only “looked the part”, he WAS a leader in every sense of the word. Those were the days of British Ceylon, English was the main Language, and “The Right Honourable”  P.M.D.S.Senanayake looked more like a “Singlishman” as I would call him, especially as he rode his horse on Galle-face Green regularly, very unfortunately, this pleasent habit cost him is life on the 22nd of March, 1952, when the horse stumbled, the P.M. was thrown off & died as a result, leaving his wife, family & the entire Nation grieving the death of a superb man, an intelligent one and, as far as I am concerned, a “PRIME” MINISTER in anyone’s book. 

                                                                       Desmond Kelly.
                                                                       Star.of eLanka.


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Hi my Sri-Lankan friends, I am not sure if one of our countryman have had a number one album in the Australian Blues Charts before but in any case I am over the moon to share my news with the Sri-Lankan community. Could you please share this with your networks and let them know the album is available in JB HiFi stores Australia wide and of course on itunes. Go Lanka! 

Andrea Marr – Vocalist/Vocal Coach




Here are the 25 most-played new and reissued CD’s from Australian Blues & Roots artists in the month of October 2017.

Thanks again for all the support of Australian music, Australian artists, labels and Independent radio

The charts are based on real statistics from actual radio airplay data contributed by numerous radio presenters from stations all around Australia.

Monthly Chart #94 – October 2017


Place This Month / Place Last Month / Artist / Album / Label / Year / Website

 1 / new / ANDREA MARR / Natural / Independent-Only Blues Music / 2017 /

2 / 3 / THE TURNER BROWN BAND / Sneak Attack / Independent-Rocket Distribution / 2017 /

3 / 24 / PAUL WINN BAND / Live at Lazybones / Independent-Hollow Tree Records / 2017 /

4 / 1 / STORMCELLAR / Defiance / Independent / 2017 /

5 / 36 / SOUL MESSENGERS / Vision & Faith / Independent / 2017 /

6 / 2 / ANDY LAYFIELD / On This Road / Independent / 2017 /

7 / 5 / KINGS & ASSOCIATES / Tales Of A Rich Girl / Independent / 2017 /

8 / 7 / LLOYD SPIEGEL / This Time Tomorrow / Independent-Only Blues Music / 2017 /

9 / 25 / JAMES SOUTHWELL / Where the Wind Blows : The Dockside Sessions / MGM Distribution / 2017 /

10 / 6 / TOMCAT PLAYGROUND / Shufflin’ For a Quid / Independent / 2017 /

11 / 4 / MICK KIDD WITH DAVID BLIGHT / Menu of Sin / Independent / 2017 /

12 / 9 / FIONA BOYES / Professin’ The Blues / Reference Recordings-Only Blues Music / 2016 /

13 / 12 / BLUES ARCADIA / Blues Arcadia / Independent / 2016 /

14 / 19 / WEREWOLVES OF MELBOURNE / Crossing The River / Independent / 2017 /

15 / 36 / JOHN McNAMARA / Rollin’ With It / Black Market Music / 2017 /

16 / 14 / MIKE ELRINGTON / Live at the Flying Saucer Club / Independent-Only Blues Music / 2017 /

17 / 10 / 40 THIEVES / Time Forgot / Independent / 2017 /

18 / new / MATT ROSS & THE GOSPEL STORM / Matt Ross & The Gospel Storm / Independent / 2017 /

19 / 16 / THE TESKEY BROTHERS / Half Mile Harvest / Half Mile Harvest Records / 2017 /

20 / 8 / WHISKEY EMPIRE / Live / Independent / 2017 /

21 / 22 / CHRIS O’CONNOR / I Asked For Water / Independent / 2017 /

22 / 23 / FOREDAY RIDERS / Herding Cats / Independent-Only Blues Music / 2015 /

23 / 18 / THE JACKSON FOUR / Kool Kats / Independent / 2017 /

24 / 15 / THE KATE LUSH BAND / Let It Fly / Independent / 2017 /

25 / 11 / A BAND CALLED TWANG / Rootin’ Tootin’ / Independent / 2017 /



Contributors to this month’s chart:

101.5 FM Radio Adelaide, SA – Tess Coleman

101.5 FM Scenic Rim, Beaudesert QLD – Brent Randall

2AAA 107.1FM Wagga Wagga, NSW – June Price, Gary Allen, Margie Carter, Glen Finnigan, Wayne Jenkins

2EAR FM 107.5 & 102.9 Moruya, NSW – Tony Jaggers

2NUR FM 103.7 – Newcastle, NSW – Chris Green

2RDJ FM 88.1 – Burwood, NSW – Gil Onyett

2RDJ FM 88.1 – Burwood, NSW – Hugo Pfandler

2RRR 88.5 – Ryde, NSW – Colin Briscoe

2SSR FM 99.7 – Sutherland Shire, NSW – David Roman

3MDR 97.1FM – Junction Village, Vic – Tony Brady

3NRG 99.3 FM – Sunbury, Vic – Barry Maxwell

3NRG 99.3 FM – Sunbury, Vic – Pete Williams

3WAY 103.7 – Warrnambool, Vic – Garry Dalton

3WAY 103.7 – Warrnambool, Vic – Kevin Byrne

3WAY 103.7 – Warrnambool, Vic – John Lukasz

4ZZZ 102.1 – Brisbane, Qld – Mark Doherty

5GTR FM 100.1 – Mt. Gambier, SA – Kevin Woon

88.3 Southern FM, Mentone, Vic – Mick Todd

89.7 FM – Twin Cities FM Perth, WA – Duncan Smith

89.7 FM – Twin Cities FM Perth, WA – Derek Cromb

92.1 RTRFM – Perth, WA – Stephen Pike

Alive 90.5 – Baulkham Hills, NSW – Frank Dengate

Alive 90.5 – Baulkham Hills, NSW – Ross Fear

Artsound FM – Canberra, ACT – Steven Stroud

BayFM 99.9 – Byron Bay, NSW – Anthony Moulay

BayFM 99.9 – Byron Bay, NSW – Ken Hughes

Cairns FM89.1 – Cairns, Qld – Irene Barrett

Fraser Coast FM107.5 Hervey Bay QLD – Trevor Franklin

Hawkesbury Radio 89.9 FM – Windsor, NSW – Cathy Vaughan/Maguire

OCR FM – (Colac/Otways/Apollo Bay/ Lorne), Vic – Chris Spencer

Radio Goolwa AlexFM 96.3 – Duncan F Kirkley (aka Pappy K)

Star FM – St Helens, Tasmania – Dave Barker

Three D Radio 93.7 FM – Adelaide, SA – Mick Young

UUU FM – Shoalhaven Community Radio – Nowra, NSW – Margaret Gillespie


 (Note): Please consult individual presenter’s playlists for an indication of which contributors are playing particular releases on their shows.

See for further contributor details.



Australian Blues & Roots Airplay Chart

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