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by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

desmond kelly

“SAME-SEX MARRIAGE”(Emphasis on Marriage) NO.!!
“SAME -SEX UNION” (Emphasis on “UNION” ) YES. !!.

Together with about 2 dozen other Countries, Australia has now voted to have “Same-Sex” Marriage”. Under my dual-Country status, I was born in Ceylon & will die in Australia & while baptised, raised by parents who WERE MARRIED, was duly “registered” as a Citizen of Ceylon, married my wife, (a beautiful female-sex(y)person), became the father of two healthy sons & “started-off” our very first, & only beautiful female daughter, before, as a happily married “Couple”, decided to revoke our Lankan one, in order to invoke our Australian Citizenship, shortly after migrating to Melbourne, although neither of us was interested in becoming Politicians. We came here to “work”, not sit on our backsides in Parliment, doing absolutely nothing.

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Insulin Resistance

Dr Harold Gunatillake-Health writer

These two words you find in articles in relation to diabetes. Do you know what they really mean, and how serious it could be in relation to your health and wellbeing?
Insulin is a hormone secreted in specific cells called islet cells in the pancreas gland lying behind your stomach, in the upper part of your abdomen.

Its function, among other things, is to secrete the hormone to match the number of carbs and soluble sugars you consume. If you eat too much of carbs and sweets daily, you do strain the pancreas to secrete more, and that situation insulin could become resistant in acting towards excessive blood sugar.
The most common reason why you get insulin resistance is consuming excessive carbs and foods containing added sugars, on a daily basis. Yes, the pancreas will then increase the production of insulin. With time even with the increased make of insulin, the blood sugar may not be brought to normal levels. This is the situation where we say that the pancreas is strained to produce an inferior less active variety of insulin which is resistant to maintaining a normal sugar level in your blood.

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Another first for Camberwell’s coffee roaster and cafe ‘1961 Street’

By Marie Pietersz

CoffeeHead, popular coffee roaster and cafe, has added another dimension to the already multicultural dining feast available for eating out in Camberwell, Victoria’s beautiful inner-east suburb – Street Food cuisine from around the world – now available here in the City of Boroondara, and all under the one roof.

CoffeeHead has opened for breakfast and lunch for the past six years. Now a new liquor licensee, it is offering Camberwell and surrounding suburbs something different in the evenings. With a clientele of office workers looking for some ‘time out’ on a lazy Friday evening and a place to whet their whistle and appetite and still have change in their pockets, owners Shiroma and Ash Nathan are offering ‘Around the World in Street Food’ themed dining in addition to their already popular Friday night Happy Hour.

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How do you differentiate between Bacterial and viral infections

Written by Dr Harold Gunatillake-Health writer

You are in the wilderness, there are no doctors or hospitals in the vicinity, you are carrying antibiotics with you, so the dilemma is to put your thinking cap on and decide on taking or not, of those antibiotics in your bag, during the time of an infection like high fever.

This article will ease that situation for you.

Let’s first get familiarized with these germs. Bacteria are not visible to the naked eye; you need to look for them under the microscope. They are single -celled organisms found everywhere, in every country in the world, in the air, some in water or soil. They are living within you dormant till your immune system gets weak to attack you. Some of these bacteria are beneficial and serve vital functions for the environment. For instance, there are trillions of them in your small and large gut, protecting you. They could be your best friends you bring along from your mother’s birth passage and mother’s milk. They make vitamins in the gut for you; they boost your immune system, and also make your gut, less hospitable to bad bacteria. Bacterial infections are caused by harmful strains of bacteria in your body. Common diseases produced by these bacteria are Pneumonia, meningitis food poisoning and so on. The thick-walled ones are called ‘Gram-positive’ bacteria whilst the gram negative -ones the wall is not thick.

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