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Hathurusinghe’s task for Sri Lanka revival is compelling


Chandika Hathurusinghe came as a ‘Messiah’ that would deliver redemption for Sri Lanka Cricket, but his initial foray with a listless team devoid of motivation has reminded Sri Lanka’s cricket fans worldwide that it will take time and patience to turn things around for the once feared nation.

Jayawardena and Sangakkara hard to replace

Proof of how bad the team has slumped to is in the evidence that former minnows and whipping boys of the game such as Zimbabwe and Bangladesh are now looking at the former ‘kings’ of the limited over format with callous disdain as they push them to the verge of elimination in a one-day tri-series in Bangladesh.

If this tournament was a test of who the new cellar dwellers of the game are, Sri Lanka have by now shown the world a worrying sign that they are incapable of beating anyone on a regular basis. Even Afghanistan may be relishing the opportunity of adding more pain to their battered and bruised reputation.

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Rock this Country were a great set up.

Replay 6 with Marlon Amarasekera. One of Melbourne’s best.

Marlon Amarasekera thrills Melbourne on New Year’s eve at the Grand on Cathies Lane.

Rap-So-D. Very popular Melbourne dance band

Chris Mant, Lozaine Paul and Linden Boustead with Cloud 9 at the Walawwa.

Melbourne ushered in 2018 with a spate of dinner dances and several other celebratory functions that found little or no parallel to the Sri Lankan events among Australian migrants Down Under.

Of course the biggest crowd puller on this day is in the Melbourne city precinct where a fantastic fireworks display highlights the dawning of the New Year and hundreds of thousands of Melburnians flock to the city to watch the pyrotechnic spectacle unfold for several hours.

The Grand on Cathies Lane was a focal point for many reasons, one of them being the first appearance of virtually unknown Sri Lankan band Rock this Country who took dance goers by complete surprise for their outstanding performance and versatility.

Quite fortunately for Anne and I, we had every reason to be confident that the band would deliver as we happened to have had a preview of their capability at the Margarita Blue in Colombo a couple of years ago at the Galadari Hotel where the band was on fire in front of an appreciative audience.

Pitted with one of the best and most accomplished dance bands in Melbourne, Replay 6, who are second to none in fantastic versatility themselves, it laid the platform for one of the best 31st night celebrations for a long while.

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My experience growing ‘Karapuncha’

Written by Dr Harold Gunatillake-health writer

We have a tall Karapuncha tree planted in a big pot on the balcony, giving us enough curry leaves during summer months. During winter the leaves fall off and the tree goes into hibernation. 

Three months ago, to my delight I saw an offspring shooting up. When it was about 5 inches tall, I thought it was best to grow it in a separate pot to offer it to a friend. So, I separated the soil from the solitary root carefully, and when I saw the lateral minor roots, I cut it below and the sibling was planted in a separate pot, nurtured carefully spraying water daily, and keeping in a semi-shade position. Some fertilizer was mixed in the potting mixture The offspring remained healthy as the picture shows, but did not grow taller as expected, even after giving all the care that it needs. About a month ago two more shoots sprung from the mother plant. I observe that these two plants have grown to a height of two feet with no care at all of course watering the mother plant daily.

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